THE BODY TRADE, two act stage play


A domestic comedy about a bold post-ethics approach to rescuing the family finances. Trading in the kidneys (and other still a bit useful  parts) of vulnerable street people.  By the  time anyone notices they are missing from their usual haunts, they are well and truly gone.
6 characters, 5 female, 1 male

Stukke Theatre, Berlin, November 1997- January 1998.
Dir Erika Gesell, Assistant dir:  Johannes Steinbrucher,
Cast: Ulrike Folkerts, Michaela Hinnenthal, Verena Jasch, Eva Mannschott, Svea Timander, Nicolas Weidtman

Grenzlandtheatre, Aachen, November 1998-January 1999.
dir Ulrich Simontowitz
Cast: Ingeborg Meyer, Heike Schmidt, Silke Jensen, Andreas Pegler,
Irene Lindner, Christiane Ohliger.

The Red Room, Lion and Unicorn, London, March 1998.
Dir Lisa Goldman
Cast: Lesley Faulkner, Sarah Downing, Roger McKern, Victoria Davies, Victoria Fairbrother, Jean Farrrell

“Brave and brilliant.”  Der Tagesspiegel
Highly recommended” Zitty
“A powerful writing talent”  Die Welt
Funny, biting dialogue”  Berliner Morgenpost
“Strong, believable characters,  snappy, witty dialogue”  
Die Tageszeitung


HAPPY FAMILIES, two act stage play

A dark comedy, or light tragedy of split family life in Hampstead in the 1980s, when coming out was still something a novelty, the Second World War was still a living memory; and as always, teenagers  judged their parents and found them wanting.
7 characters, 2 female, 5 male

Atelier  Fontaine, Theatre, Tokyo, March-April 2001
dir Jun Kurata

“Play of the Month” Theater Magazine, Tokyo: April 2001

Studio-Life Theatre, Tokyo Nov-Dec 1997
Dir Jun Kurata

Man in the Moon March 1996
dir Judith Roberts
Cast: Sandra Huggett, Chris McInley, Hugo Napier, Judith Paris, Griffin Price, Stephen Armstrong, Rowland Burns