Bradlaugh and the Early Years of the National Secular Society (1866-1891)

The talk looks again at the maverick Charles Bradlaugh, Sledgehammer of a Speaker and his management skills in creating what was the largest radical as well as secularist organisation in the country; the issues he championed, including his defeats as well as his successes; his long struggle to take his seat  in parliament and something of the Fruits of Philosophy “Obscenity” Trial.

Part of all day event “Celebrating 150 years of the National Secular Society
hosted by the National Secular Society on September 3rd  2016

Keynote speaker: Jaques Berlinerblau
Other Speakers:  Douglas Murray, Raheel Raza, Maajid Nawaz,  Safak Pavey, Tehmina Kazi, Keith Porteous Wood, Paul Rowe, Stephen Evans, Judy Audaer.

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