BRADLAUGH contra MARX radicalism vs socialism in the First International

A look at the  battle for working class support waged between 19th century anti-socialist radicalism and socialism,  not only within the International Workingmen’s Association  (IWMA) where “moderate” trades unionists like George Odger and Randall Cremer opposed Karl Marx’s ideas and interventions, but outside the IWMA, where addressing crowds of over a thousand , the leading radical orator Charles Bradlaugh ( and ally of Odger and Cremer)  launched an all out attack on Karl Marx  for the support he gave to the  Commune of Paris in his June 1871 IWMA pamphlet “The Civil War in France” . Arguably Bradlaugh’s co-ordinated campaign against Marx  was a major factor  in the demise of the IWMA just a year later.

The talk launches the Socialist History Society’s Occasional Pamphlet number 28, Bradlaugh Contra Marx, Radicalism vs Socialism in the First International

Thursday 7pm June 10th 2010
The Library at Bishopsgate Institute
230 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 4QH