The Commune of Paris in Camden

During the Commune of Paris, the General Council of the International Working’s Men’s Association met at 256 High Holborn, upstairs above Edward Truelove’s radical bookshop and printing press.  Truelove printed Karl Marx’s  defense of the Commune and Communards,”The Civil War in France”, which precipitated  the last great row on the General Council between the socialists headed  by Karl Marx and radical  trades unionists headed by the now forgotten George Odger

Marx lived in Kentish Town, Odger in St Giles so this ideological battle over the  future of the left, reformist or revolutionary was a Camden fight.

Thursday 9th October 2014 at 7.15

Camden Studies  and Archives Centre
2nd floor, Holborn Library
32-38 Theobalds Rd,
London WC1X 8PA